alex austin

About Me


I owe every breath of my life to those who have come before me, carving the path that I walk. In honor of my ancestors of European resistance, the burned witches, my Swedish, Alsatian, Welsh and Scottish heritages, the ancient ones, worshipers of giant goddesses or the little folk of the forest, I dedicate my work to re-membering lost or stolen magicks. I also have blood and bone ancestors who owned slaves in Kentucky and others who participated in the violent colonization of these Ancestral lands I call North America and my home. For them, and those they displaced, raped, and murdered I commit my practice to returning these inherited curses and ending the lineage of supremacist abuse once and for all. In this life, I have been blessed with the wisdom and grace of my living soul guides, Sheila Belanger and Anne Hayden of NWSoulQuest. Rain Crowe is a Priestess of liberation and I’m honored to call her a Witch mentor. I have delighted in the varied teachings of my many professors and mentors at Antioch University where I sometimes say I got my degree in being a Witch. I owe much of my early practice of ceremony and dream work to my college advisor, Randy Morris. There are some teachers I have yet to work with in person but still require naming, for their offerings to this world have impacted my own healing journey as well as the way I generate my magic: Joanna Macy, Bill Plotkin, Octavia Butler, Robert Bosnak, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Robert Moss, and Stephen Jenkins. I serve the many-formed Goddess and owe special gratitude to She who is called Diana and comes to council in my dreams. Lastly I honor the everyday teachers of those I sit in conflict with. Be you the murderous white supremacist capitalist hetero cis-patriarchy; my family members who live with severe mental illness; formerly beloved ones who held my projections or I held yours; or my chosen family members who join me in the courageous act of trying to weave disparate threads of experience together into shared living. I honor your autonomy and am eternally grateful for the good ways I learn to love from you.

I am a white genderqueer woman. I come from a poor/working class background. I have some college education. I am an anti-capitalist, Queer, Non-Monogamous Angel. I am a Psychic, a Witch, and a Priestess. I believe in the paradigm-shifting power of subversive magic and the necessity of each human realizing their own soul-gifts in order to reverse the damage that this human death culture has on our bodies, our Souls, and the Earth: our only home. My work is the sweet nectar that feeds me, and when I am doing it well it resources me perfectly, it is the gift I put back into the hole in the universe caused by my being conceived. I was conceived in Love and I live from that magical erotic moment in every action I take, or prayer I make. I’m a singer, a ceremonialist, a dreamer, and a visionary. I believe that I, along with many other magical folks, are doing the multiplicitous threshold work of offering death rites to the dying world, planting seeds of change, and midwifing in the Miraculous New World.