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This course is relevant for:

Healers, artists, process workers, therapists, witches, empaths, psychics, seers, parents, performers, and magical transformational folks of all other kinds. 

Being authentic is a powerful manifestational tool for realizing, accepting and integrating our whole selves into this paradoxical world. Being performative can be a skill for shapeshifting and offering our gifts to a variety of folks, a shielding technique, and a joyous way to connect with our inner children. During our time together we will co create a sacred container to experiment with our own and each other's fields of emotional authenticity. We will also investigate information that comes through non-primary communication signals. Drawing on inspiration from Sandford Meisner's repeat exercise, elements of Process Work, and the exploration of dreamscapes and imaginal realms we will work together to ask ourselves questions like:

  • What does it feel like in my body to have an authentic response to my environment?

  • When am I being performative, what am I protecting? What am I projecting? Why?

  • How do I know what I know about the relational experiences I'm having?

  • What repressed parts of myself are ready to have more integrated space in my being?

  • What are my dreams telling me about who I am in the context of this world at this time?

Courageous group processes, inspired solo wanders, personal and communal rituals and radical togetherness will inform our shared time. Come to drop in to your magic, come to nourish language for your seership, come to expand your skills for working with clients and or personal relationships, come to know yourself more. 

Sliding Scale $325-$595 please see my Fees and Unspelling Capitalism page for more details about my values/payment structure. If this scale is out of your reach, please contact me and let me know.

Contact me me with questions and for registration, space is limited to 10 souls.

Believe What You See:

Using Theatrics in a Sacred Way to Forage Through Shadow Realms, Practice Authenticity and Resource Second Sight

When: Friday November 9th a light dinner will be served at 5:00 and programming will begin at 7:00 pm - Monday November 12th 2:00 pm

Location: Liberty, Maine

Shadow Work/Shadow Play Experiment


What I mean when I say Shadow:

Shadows are cast by the light, what exists within them is hidden. To begin I must explain that I function from the belief that all human beings have a Soul. Shadow is a divine aspect of the Soul, one that is created, along with the Ego, early in our psychological development. If our Ego holds the aspects we put forward due to our socialization, the known parts of self, then what dwells in Shadow are the aspects of self that are repressed and unknown. I believe that groups and communities of people have something like a Collective Soul, which leads me to be curious about not only personal Shadow but also interpersonal Shadow and Cultural Shadow. My curiosity continues as I begin to interpret Shadow as an embodied dwelling-place for phenomenological beings and experiences.

Why is it important to do Shadow work/Shadow play?

What hides in Shadow wants to be discovered. Much of the of psychological or spiritual discomfort we experience is, at its root, unmetabolized shadow material. When we engage in conscious Shadow work and process our personal and/or collective wounds more holistically the benefits are innumerable. We become more capable of caring for ourselves and each other, we uncover more layers of our Soul gifts, and we emerge as more authentic and Soulful beings who bring our truer genius to the work we care about in this world.

Alex is a dedicated, intuitive, challenging, and alert workshop leader. In my weekend-long Shadow Work/Shadow Play workshop, she drew our mixed group into charged and genuine conversation with our own shadow selves; she encouraged our sense of play; and she challenged us to be emotionally authentic with each other across lines of trauma, identity, and oppression. Our group had folks of a variety of backgrounds, some very familiar with magical practice and ceremony, others not (I felt very much in the middle). Alex created an atmosphere that welcomed everyone’s comfort level, but gently encouraged all of us to explore our discomfort and try something new when it came time for magic! She understood the depth and intensity of emotions this work would bring up, and created a container to hold these emotions, in a culture of respect, reflection, and care. Her workshop engaged us in a variety of creative and reflective approaches to playing with our shadow selves: we made art, we walked, we shared in pairs, we addressed one another in theatrical spaces, and we prayed in whatever way felt genuine to us. The whole time, she took excellent care of our basic needs with delicious meals, and continually grounded our practice in the legacy of Seattle’s first people, the Duwamish. I can’t recommend highly enough the experience of learning from Alex in a ceremonial/retreat space.

Dream Temple


“Dreams are part of our human survival kit, part of what has kept us going, and evolving on this planet. Across history most people have valued dreaming for two reasons beyond all others: because dreams enable us to see into the possible future, and because they put us in touch with sources of knowledge and wisdom beyond the ordinary mind.”                         ― Robert Moss, The Secret History of Dreaming

Winter is the season of deep restorative sleep. Seeds buried in the dark earth are in process, the part of their cycle where they dream about sprouting. In many traditions, winter is the season of dreaming and I call to those of you who wish to investigate this wondrous time and honor the wild imagination. I have 6 years of experience with dream work, it is a major part of my personal healing journey. I have watched myself grow and gain deep insight through the windows of my dreams. I believe that information comes to us in our dreams which can guide us to a more sustainable future, and that there is much dreaming to be done together, in community, geared toward radical change.

Dream Temple is a two-day and two-night immersive experience.                                      During the weekend we will:

  • Hold council to give voice to our dreams

  • Practice dream tending/dream working techniques

  • Create art that honors and acknowledges dream images

  • Hold ritual for individual and collective dreaming

  • Experiment with dreaming as a political magical act