alex austin

Dream Work

Dream Work

Perhaps you are looking to refine your own practice of personal dreamwork or you desire guidance around a specific dream. In any case, an individual session can be a rich way to dive into the fertile waters of Soul. If you have attended my Dream Temple, you may be familiar with the varied set of practices I use to re-enter and investigate a dreamscape. Depending on the type of dream, and what curiosities you come with, our session could draw from a number of these techniques. Ultimately, you can expect to have a potent encounter with mystery. Sessions last 60-90 min. 

Sliding Scale $75-$120

Group Sessions

Have a friend or two who you'd like to explore dreamscapes with? I offer sessions for small groups (2-5 people) to connect deeply through dream work. Sessions last for three hours. 

Sliding Scale $175-300

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I have participated in Alex’s courses on both Shadow and Dream work, and she organized and lead a women’s workshop of mine. I find Alex to be as authentic, powerful and gracious as it is possible to be. Her presence is warm, comfortable and dreamy, yet she is a solid and powerful witch with such a depth of wisdom and courage. She is skilled at holding a beautiful container for people to feel safe, supported and willing to express. She has creative ideas around putting principles to practice such as group work, journaling and ritual. Above all, Alex is kind and generous, and she sees the light and the depth of everyone around her. Alex is my favorite witch and course/retreat facilitator. She was truly born to do this work and share herself in this way.